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Anonymous: Last week, my professor told me that since Black people make up 13% of the population, and 15% of the roles cast in movies and TV, then Black people are represented fairly in media. Something about this doesn't add up to me - can you help me figure out what it is?


Black people are unique in that unlike non-Black POC we’re not invisible in the media. In fact, you can see Black people on television all the time. We’re usually in very degraded positions: criminals, the silly/ weird side-kick, the goofy “token,” the sassy and fierce Black woman, the maid/ customer service worker/ etc etc

so we’re PRESENT on television in a way that supports and upholds white supremacy. we’re not the leads and the heroes/ heroines and the complex humans that whites get to be on TV. and that is the problem. 

sometimes i think it would be better for us to be under-represented like other non-Black POC because then at least we wouldn’t have to constantly see ourselves in stereotypical and degraded roles. which of course ups anti-Blackness (and even internalized anti-Blackness especially for young Black kids watching all kinds of TV)

so basically your professor proves that getting a PhD doesn’t make one able to critically think/ make them less racist 

so I’m learning to Twitter